Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Our company tries to deliver interesting and high-quality applications to the users. Our goal is to provide you with free Services that will make your life easier and bring you a lot of fun at the same time. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform our users about the manner in which we conduct our operations and to state clear the way we are handling your information.

We care about your privacy


This is a company that does not strive to obtain any of your private information. This implies to both personal and non-personal data. All permissions that you are giving are either for application performance or advertising performance. The only piece of information that we might get from you is your e-mail address that will be stored in our database once you contacts us. This mail is listed at the end of Privacy Policy and you will be able to pose any question or to express any concern that you might have regarding to this document. Please be certain that this data that leads to you will not be mistreated, misused or forwarded to any third party. When it comes to our partners with whom we are associated, we cannot make any warranties. Due to providing you free and easily obtainable applications we have several partners and they might gather data about you. Keep in mind that the second you start using our applications you will give your consent to the Services of third parties. You will receive interest-based ads from these parts if you do not choose to opt out from their marketing. However, we have no access to the content of these targeted ads and we are not responsible for the material that is presented to you by our parties.

Children and parents: Safety of children is our main concern and the internet should be approached with caution by them. If your children are going online we are strongly advising you to monitor and question the sites they visit. Inform them about data that should not be disclosed under any circumstances. This is related to Sensitive Information and they refer to name, date of birth, school, photos, home or mail address and any other that could be misused somehow.


Please feel free to contact us if you are not comfortable with leaving your e-mail address in our database. Once you send us your question we will obtain this piece of personal information from you. Use the address that is presented at end of this document and we will comply with your wishes.


When you are using our Services you are at the same time using the Services of third parties. Please note that although we are not collecting any information about you, this is different for third parties. They use cookies, web beacons as well as other technologies to provide you with the most appropriate advertising and thus might acquire your device ID or mobile number. Those people or companies might acquire personal data about you and it would be good to revise the Privacy Policies of those parties and familiarize yourself with their actions. Their operation is out of our reach and in no way can we influence the content they are displaying in interest-based ads. Those targeted ads will appear on your device unless you choose to opt out from the marketing.


Once you choose one of the options (share, more apps…) offered to you within application you are granting our partners to collect, use or store some or all information about you. This is regulated by the Privacy Policy of our partners and you should examine them. Data contained in your profile such as contact data, User name and basic information may be obtained by certain Portals (Google, Facebook, You Tube or Twitter…) Control domain and influence the way these Portals are treating your information by inspecting Privacy Policy of them.


In trying to provide you the maximum quality and products which are free we have teamed up with a few partners. As we have stated above our goal is not gathering any personal nor non-personal information, but this is completely opposite for our partners and we cannot make any guarantees on their behalf. This precisely is the reason why our top advice to you is visiting Privacy Policies of them all and inspecting what are the actions they are taking towards protection of your information. Bear in mind that by using our Services you are at the same time giving consent to those third parties to gather your data. This will apply until you opt out from their marketing Services. Below you will encounter a complete list of our partners and of their Policies respectively. Please take a few minutes and go through them.

You should know that this list can change at some point in the future and that it would be good to return to it from time to time and examine if any of the partners are no longer there or if we have some new associates with whom we are working.


No kind of information will be gathered from children since we have not constructed our applications to collect private data from any of our users. We care much about the safety of children and would never direct our efforts towards eliciting information from the youngest consumers of our products.


We strive to maintain a good relationship of confidentiality with our users and with a view to that would like to inform you in what way to protect your private information. In other words, what are those types of your data which are regarded as Sensitive Information and which you should not disclose to anybody. This refers to your name, date of birth, home address, e-mail address, ethnic or racial background, political views, religious beliefs, and others of the sort.


We would never wish to put at risk any of your private information and for this reason we would like to notify you that from our side no type of data will be collected from you. Nevertheless, when it comes to our partners this is not the case. They might obtain some of your personal or non-personal information.


Since our partners are collecting information about you, there is a way to put an end to it at any moment that you do not want them to. Choosing “Limit Ad Tracking” on your iOSTM or “Opt Out of Interest-Based Ads” on AndroidTM you will stop tracking of your data. In this way receiving interest-based ads from third parties will come to an end. However, it does not signify that marketing content, which is not based on your private interests, will cease to appear on your device. The way to completely close the option of third parties receiving your data is by uninstalling the application. For all of you who wish to opt out from our Services you could do so by following the procedure presented here.

  • For iOS 7 or higher

Settings > Select Privacy > Select Advertising > Enable the “Limit Ad Tracking” setting

  • For iOS 6 Settings > Select General > Select About > Select Advertising > Enable the “Limit Ads Tracking” setting
  • For Android with OS 2.2 and up and Google Play Services version 4.0 and up: Open your Google Settings app > Ads > Enable “Opt Out of Interest-Based Advertising”


It is possible that the Privacy Policy presented here might undergo some changes and you should be advised to revise it from time to time. Keep yourself informed about the way we are handling your personal information.


Whenever you are having any question or doubt related to this Policy you may contact us at the mail that is presented here. We would be glad to clarify the concerns that you might be having. Use this e-mail to write to us: